Conducting a Site Migration without Losing Rankings, Traffic or SEO

Site migration is actually the process of shifting the website to a whole new directory or domain. This is a procedure which is used by most of the company out there most of the times than people realize.  For digital specialist or marketers, the success goal site migration is the one that doesn’t lead to any loss of traffic, SERP, revenue, or SEO strength.

SEO Company Vancouver states that this is a simple redirection from the old domain to the new one along with an SEO friendly redirect 301.  This is a good start and is better than nothing.  However, a more detailed procedure will enable you to make the transition without even losing site value while getting rid of the mistakes on the present site.


The first step to understanding the primary goals behind anSEO friendly migration, which are,

  • Maintain the search engine ranking and the traffic.

  • Offer a seamless user experience and also transition.

There is no magic to achieving these goals. You just have to pay attention to the details says SEO Company Vancouver. The four main factors of site transition are,

  • Duplicate content

  • URL structure

  • Indexed pages

  • Canonicalization

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You have to watch the details at all stages of the migration process.

Pre-Migration Process

Get to Know the Current Site– Start the process of migration along with a thorough SEO audit of the present platform and site. Consider the strengths and weaknesses of the site. A migration is a great time to fix the mistakes.

Understand and Map the Present Site Architecture– Download the present sitemaps and export the list of the indexed pages from search console.  This way you will have a list of the previous pages that you have to redirect to the new site.

Understand and Map the New Site Structure – According to SEO Company Vancouver all the present URLs will require a new URL on the new site. You have to make sure that you have a clear map that new URLs the present ones will map to.

What to Do During Migration?

Keep the Old Site– The most common mistake that you will notice is the old site being taken down when the redirection is complete. However, the right approach is to keep the old site and keep the new site running parallel with the help of the right SEO tags and redirects from SEO Company Vancouver. Read more how businesses are getting benefits of SEO services

Tag the New Pages Adequately for Avoiding Penalization– It is necessary to get all the pages canonicalized to the new site prior to redirecting for avoiding any type of duplicate content. This will tell the search engines which are the true pages.

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What to Do Post-Migration?

Do an Audit of the New Site– Check out the Bing Web Master Tools and Google search console.  This way you will be able to know the crawl errors, pages indexed, driving traffic, mobile usability, and organic search traffic. Make sure that you fix the broken links, missing URLs, and redirect loops.

New Robots, New Site Map, and Submit New Site for the Indexing– Submit new site map to search engines says SEO Company Vancouver and check out the errors, incorrect redirects, and broken links.

Test Redirects– Do a final check on the new site. Make sure that you check all the redirects and ensure that there are not redirect looks, inconsistencies, and mismatches.